99 Music quiz


Here you can create a music quiz in less than 1 minute. Simply enter the spotify playlist id or url and press 'Create'.

This is perfect for e.g. a quiz night with your friends or against boredom on bus trips. For the preparation you only have to choose a spotify playlist suitable for your group and print the created quiz.

When the game starts, you scan or click on the qr-code and play the tracks in their order. Everyone has to write down the title and artist. When all tracks are played, you can collect the papers of all players and honor the winner.


A few examples to learn more about our service.

How to

1. Open the spotify app, choose a suitable playlist and select 'share playlist'.
2. Copy the playlist link and paste it into our page. Select 'Create'.
3. You will be redirected to the print layout. Print it once (use landscape mode).

4. Make a copy of the second page for each player.